FROM JAN 07 TO 13 -  2022

Espaço Arco-Íris
São Roque, SP, Brazil



A gathering for us to experience music and connection in an immersive way in contact with nature.
The idea is that we get together for a week away from the city to enjoy a coexistence that privileges affection, creativity, cooperation and a sense of community.
Through vocal and body percussion musical practices based on improvisation games, body practices, dialogue and healthy eating the retreat establishes a field of deep listening, trust and playfulness that contributes to the development of musicality, sensitivity, self confidence and sense of belonging.
After coming to the retreat people develop a deeper understanding of the Música do Círculo practice and worldview and feel more connected to the international musical community that has been growing since the first edition of this gathering in 2015.
Since then we have received hundreds of people from more than 15 different countries, including experienced artists, restless educators, people who don't have music as a profession, and masters like Fernando Barba, Keith Terry and Christiane Karam.